WIT Grant 2015 edition

WIT is taking submissions for the Chris Werren Memorial Development Grant to be awarded to a member of WIT as a study grant. The study grant will be awarded to someone who can give back to the WIT community.

Examples of a pitch for “giving back” would be producing a new show format to give our members the opportunity to perform for the public. Ideally the grant would be an investment in a new show. All submissions will be considered, however if none meet the committee’s standards the grant will not be awarded and resubmissions will begin again next year.

Submissions are to be sent into the WIT Co-Ordinator, Hayley Webster, at coordinator@wit.org.nz. The cut-off for submissions is the 31st of March. Any submissions after this date will not be considered.

List of Basic Shortform Games and Skills

From a discussion in 2013 between some senior WIT trainers about “what skills do we expect Micetro players to pretty much have”.

Not a definitive list of course – we, as a group, regularly learn (or invent!) new shortform games, and some games fall out of favour over time, only to be rediscovered again a year or two later.


Basic object work
Entrances and exits
How to ask the audience for a suggestion
How to ask the director for a clarification
How to be a gracious loser or humble winner
How to be directed in a scene
How to narrate and share control of a story
How to gibber
How to speak in one voice
Generating characters (physical shortcuts, accents, attitudes etc)
Endowing partners (names, occupations, relationships, status)
Show structure, how it starts and ends
Simple songs, faking ‘em
Starting a scene with an activity
Story spine an starting in the middle
Voice – being heard, whispering loudly, being quiet


Chain murder
Crime endowment
Do-ron/ Speed Do Ron / Elimination Do Ron
Emotional replay
Emotional rollercoaster
Epic poem
Evil Twin
Experts (yes and)/ Arms Experts/ variations)
Foreign Film
Foreign Poem
Freeze Tag
Genre songs
Gibberish opera
Gibberish switch (talking in gibberish for an interlude)
Hat Game
He Said She Said
Le Ronde (simple quick rounds)
Little voice
Machine -> Wanky Poem
Master Servant
Movie in a minute, other replay games such as Replay Fairy Tale
Narrated ballet
New Choice
Numbers of words
Oscar Winning Moment (It’s Tuesday)
Pickup lines
Popup Story book
Puppets, furniture
Quick large group games - Questions Only/. No Questions, No S etc, World’s worst
Reminiscences (Reunion, Old Folks’ home, Retired Superheroes)
Room of Death
Short scenes, especially the likes of death in a minute, ends with I love you, Who loves who the most
Silent scenes (e.g. bus stop)
Slide show
Slo Mo Commentary
Speak in one voice
Spoon River, points of view story
Status Switch
Story story die
Tag Out Story / Tag out song
Touch to talk
Typewriter/ Myth/ Narrated story
What Happens / Next Evil Voice
Word at a Time
Yes Let’s
Year book photo / Family Photo

Game – Corpse carousel

hotelEstablish characters with relationships, by checking into a hotel or a convention, and endowing each other. Five or more players.  Game shared with WIT by David Innes, of Melbourne’s Impro Box at the 2013 NZIF.

The first player comes up to an (invisible) hotel receptionist, and faces the audience.  They establish the location of the desk and where the receptionist is sitting.  Then they name themselves, why they’re at the hotel or event, before naming and endowing a subsequent arrival.  ["I'm Lady Fothersgill, here for the Taxidermy conference.  Has my assistant Snivers arrived yet? That wretched girl is always late, with more hair than wit"]. They take their room key and leave. Continue reading

Game – Everything in this room could kill you!

roomPlayers set up a shared environment and then interact with it. Any number of players.  Game devised by David Innes, of Melbourne’s Impro Box, and shared with WIT at the 2013 NZIF.

The starting point is what David calls a ‘non-room shaped room’, something other than the usual improv kitchen/lounge/bedroom, for example a barn, a glasshouse, an abandoned church, a swimming pool.

Each player in turn comes into the room and points out some specific feature: a frayed Afgan rug someone might trip on, a heavy mirror over the fireplace that could fall, a poisonous Cymbidium orchid.   Continue reading

Warmup – Bunny Bunny (Oomcha)

bunny(Slightly different versions of this have come to WIT from different countries – for example, “ticky-tacky” replaces “talky-talky” in some)

  • Everyone in a circle
  • Hands slap thighs to a chant of “oom chaa”
  • The person who ‘has the bunny’ makes curled finger bunny ears at themselves, saying “bunny bunny”
  • They then turn the ears outwards and ‘throw the bunny’ to someone else, doing the curled ears at someone, and saying “bunny bunny”
  • The recipient then ‘takes the bunny’ and repeats.
  • People either side of the bunny face them and rock side to side with their hands square from their elbows, chanting “ticky tacky ticky tacky”  [alternate version, arms are scissored to a chant of "talky talky"].
  • The oom chaas get faster.  If someone gets it horribly wrong they may run round the outside to de-stress.
  • If no one is getting it horribly wrong it’s not going fast enough.