WIT’s Constitution

Read the history of the creation of WIT’s constitution – or just dive straight in and experience Our Founding Document, as created back in August 2003 with all the glory of the original founding signatures.    There were some subsequent legal tweaks (mainly around property and money), the version currently on the Charity Register is this one, amended in 2004.

A key part of the constitution is the statement of the “Objects of WIT”

(a) To promote, develop and foster the performance of improvised  theatre and comedy in the Wellington region

(b) To teach the skills of improvised theatre and comedy through workshops, classes and any other means to members and to the wider Wellington community.

(c) To encourage the having of fun and the not taking of oneself too seriously.



The dawn of WIT

(Extracted from a Facebook discussion between Nicky Hill, Ryan Hartigan and various other WIT stalwarts)

Micetro, 2002Some say it started with Geoff Simmons in 2001, that he came from Auckland, with improv in his heart. There was already other improv happening in Wellington, with improv at the Indigo Bar and theatre sports at Victoria University, while The Improvisors had already been together for a decade. Continue reading