Christmas Cracker 2013 Show Schedule

As posted to Facebook by Barry, October 22nd 2013

Hi all,

I am chuffed to release the show schedule for our Christmas season, Christmas Cracker 2013 – as part of our ten years of WIT Celebrations.

These are all at the Gryphon Theatre (yay!).

The shows and times are;

Tues 10th Dec 7:00 – 8:00pm: BoW 8:30 – 9:30pm: Thrills & Swoon
Wed 11th Dec 7:00 – 8:00pm: Gorilla 8:30 – 9:30pm: Duets
Thurs 12th Dec 7:00 – 8:00pm: Divas ReUnited 8:30 – 9:30pm: Love Possibly
Fri 13th Dec 7:00 – 8:30-ish: Micetro Xmas Special

(Hope this layout works for those reading this on mobiles…)

We have show leads who will be responsible for some training, casting and running each show on the night – these are Geoff for BoW; Christine for Thrills & Swoon; Ali for Gorilla; Jen for Duets; The Divas collectively for the Divas; Me for Love Possibly; and TBC for the last night Micetro.

I will send out training info in a separate post.

And to our lighting and musical improvisers, as always we want you to make us all look better on stage – so if you are available, please let me know.

I am really excited that we are putting these shows on, so I would love to hear from who is keen to be in them, even if you were one of the keen ones who replied to the first post! Either post here or my (very recently set up..) email is

At some point there will be a separate FB page set up for this season. Once you young ones show me how to set it up…

Thank you!


Stitch Tactics – training and shows in October!

Note from Maggie Cargill (from the WIT Members Facebook group)

So guys, Brenton Hodgson and I mind-melded on a brilliant idea to do some more Improv Lounge in October. We agreed that we want to get as many new WIT people performing as we can! And by new, I mean anyone who’s keen. Which means if you’re in this group you can play!

So here’s what we’re going to do: the next few Playful Tuesdays I’ll be running a Stitch Tactics* style workshop detailing some short-form games for the purpose of putting them into a show. Some of them you’ll know, some you won’t! We’ll also discuss the show format and practice some staging.

So, if you want to play come to Tuesday at Drama Christi and I’ll have a sign-up sheet so I can cast the shows. If you can’t make it to the trainings, shoot me a message.

I also seed some FOH help for those nights if anyone is keen!

If you’re debating whether or not you want to/can/are ready/ you’re nervous about performing then this is a perfect opportunity to “follow your fear” and take a chance. You’ll never get better if you don’t!

So be at Drama Christi (65 Taranaki St, building to the right of the church, entrance at the back), 6.30pm Tuesday 8th.  

*Stitch Tactics is my old troupe from KC. We’re indirectly influenced by Chicago-style improv but have developed our own style. It’s sure to be a spicy new take on what you know!


So Jen, what does a WIT producer do?

As explained by Jennifer O’Sullivan.

Producers make shows happen.

A producer is an organiser, coordinator, and overseer. They need good communication skills, a creative mind, and the ability to meet deadlines and rally a team. Having been a producer looks GREAT on your CV, especially if you are looking at a career in the arts.

Anyone interested would absolutely be provided with guidance and support, and I am always here to talk to about production and marketing, even if it’s not for a WIT show.

Jen – aka

Ferris Wheel – format notes

Wade Jackson of the Improv Bandits shared his new format with us at a workshop held at Toi Poneke on May 23rd.  Ferris Wheel premiered at the 2013 Comedy Festival in Auckland.  He described it as a great training and performance format to develop strong characters, and an excellent way to help introduce new performers to long-form improvisation.  It looks that way to us too!

Workshop notes:  

A character and narrative-driven show, suitable for mixing rookies and experienced players.

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Thrills & Swoon Workshop Tues March 5

Casting workshop: Thrills & Swoon – improvised romance in Comedy Festival

7pm, Tues 5 March at Capital E.
Inspired by the romance novels you pretend not to read, stories and scenes will be created on the spot, as fresh as an innocent flower waiting to be plucked. Exotic locations, dashing heroes, lonely heroines and more than a little sexual in-your-end-oh!

Fringe Fest improv turns into trans-Tasman grudge match

Press Release – Wellington Improvisation Troupe

“Not a grudge match at all,” says local improviser while wearing All Blacks jersey and eating pavlova which we invented by the way.

This Sunday (Feb 24) at the Fringe Bar All Star Micetro will become an epic, international battle of wit, spur-of-the-moment storytelling and glorious failure.

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