The dawn of WIT

(Extracted from a Facebook discussion between Nicky Hill, Ryan Hartigan and various other WIT stalwarts)

Micetro, 2002Some say it started with Geoff Simmons in 2001, that he came from Auckland, with improv in his heart. There was already other improv happening in Wellington, with improv at the Indigo Bar and theatre sports at Victoria University, while The Improvisors had already been together for a decade. Continue reading

Thrills & Swoon Workshop Tues March 5

Casting workshop: Thrills & Swoon – improvised romance in Comedy Festival

7pm, Tues 5 March at Capital E.
Inspired by the romance novels you pretend not to read, stories and scenes will be created on the spot, as fresh as an innocent flower waiting to be plucked. Exotic locations, dashing heroes, lonely heroines and more than a little sexual in-your-end-oh!