Class Notes 23 April 2013, Object-story game

Instructions for the Object-Story game (which probably could do with a better name)

  • Partnerup.
  • Pick an object you have on you (anything, a pen, your driver’s licence, a piece of jewellery).    Tell your partner a short true story about yourself, using the object as a symbol of the story.  For example, it might be “This is the pen I used to sign the lease on my first flat [story, for a minute or so] and then the roof fell in”.  Or “this is the newspaper the taxi driver was reading when . . . ”  Listen to your partner’s story.  Listen intently, noticing what details seem most important.
  • Swap objects, thank each other, and move on to a new partner.  Exchange stories and objects as before, but this time retelling your first partner’s tale as if it were your own.  Talk in the first person “I, me my”, only change gender details if really necessary.  Emphasis the important bits.  Swap objects as before, and return to sitting as a group.
  • Everyone presents the last object-story they just heard, always in the first person as if it was their own.
  • Discuss what changed, what stayed the same!  How did it feel to have your story fed back to you?