Scenework Intensive with Jennifer O’Sullivan

A 6 week course on Mondays starting January 12, 7pm-9pm

How do I sign up?  
Email to register.   Cost is $50, payment arrangements can be, erm, arranged.

What’s it about?
This will be six weeks of workshops focused on the skills needed to deliver consistent open scenes. While actual content will be tailored to the needs of the class, we will cover:
- Active Listening – hearing every offer
- Responding in the moment
- What/who is this scene about? 
- Finding the game of the scene
- Starting in the middle of the action
Participants will receive (and are expected to reflect on) personal feedback, both during class and privately.

Pre-requisite: WIT’s Narrative/storytelling course or similar. You can discuss your suitability with the tutor or email Max class size 14. 

The teacher: Jennifer O’Sullivan is a Wellington based improvisor, producer, publicist, and other such things. She has been a member of WIT since 2006 and improvising since way too long ago. She also works with PlayShop and Definitely Not Witches, directs the New Zealand Improv Festival, and writes an improv blog at

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