Development Grant – Some experiences

In 2009 Christine Brooks and Geoff Simmonds attended Loose Moose summer school in Calgary, with WIT assistance towards the fees.

Christine commented afterwards

I spent two weeks surrounded and living with improvisers from all over the world. I made contacts and connections and was taught by some of the best improv tutors in the world. In return, I shared what I’d learnt with WIT in a number of ways, including co-running (with Geoff Simmons) the first WIT band camp over a long weekend in Paekakariki.  I led shows and trainings throughout the following year, was Co-Creative Director and took an active focus on helping develop some of the female players in WIT.

In 2010 Wiremu  attended Summer Sessions at BATS in San Francisco with money from WIT  helping toward fees.    The commitments made for ‘payback’ included sessions of Tuesday night training, a weekend workshop for members, assistance to other WIT trainers and artistic direct for a season.

Comments from Wiremu about why people should apply for development grant money this year:

The Why.
The Why is easy, because it’s improv. The simplicity of that statement should not take away the pure joy, the desire and passion I have for improv and what improv has for me. It was never just about going overseas, it was always about improv. It was never just about meeting new people, it was always the improv. And it was never just about understanding improv better, but it was always about enjoying the improv better.

Going to BATS Theatre in San Francisco was an amazing experience for me and me realise my ‘improv’ that I like doing. Improv is very unique to the individual, and improv has always welcomed me, taught me and helped me in so many ways.

People should seek this Grant, if they enjoy as much as they know they can and then this grant will allow them access to something that only a few million can say is the best thing since sliced bread and marriage…well maybe not that good but definitely in the top ten of life experiences