Thrills & Swoon Workshop Tues March 5

Casting workshop: Thrills & Swoon – improvised romance in Comedy Festival

7pm, Tues 5 March at Capital E.
Inspired by the romance novels you pretend not to read, stories and scenes will be created on the spot, as fresh as an innocent flower waiting to be plucked. Exotic locations, dashing heroes, lonely heroines and more than a little sexual in-your-end-oh!
All welcome! Come play in this cheesy romance genre workshop led by Christine. The workshop will also be an input into casting decisions for the Comedy Festival show, for those interested.
If you wish to be considered for casting, please provide your availability here before next Tuesday so that Christine knows you are interested. At this stage, rehearsals will likely be Tuesday nights plus a couple of weekend days. Availability for the shows is critical (6:30pm Tuesday 7 May – Saturday 11 May).
Contact Christine on if you have any questions.