Warmup – Bunny Bunny (Oomcha)

bunny(Slightly different versions of this have come to WIT from different countries – for example, “ticky-tacky” replaces “talky-talky” in some)

  • Everyone in a circle
  • Hands slap thighs to a chant of “oom chaa”
  • The person who ‘has the bunny’ makes curled finger bunny ears at themselves, saying “bunny bunny”
  • They then turn the ears outwards and ‘throw the bunny’ to someone else, doing the curled ears at someone, and saying “bunny bunny”
  • The recipient then ‘takes the bunny’ and repeats.
  • People either side of the bunny face them and rock side to side with their hands square from their elbows, chanting “ticky tacky ticky tacky”  [alternate version, arms are scissored to a chant of "talky talky"].
  • The oom chaas get faster.  If someone gets it horribly wrong they may run round the outside to de-stress.
  • If no one is getting it horribly wrong it’s not going fast enough.