Game – Everything in this room could kill you!

roomPlayers set up a shared environment and then interact with it. Any number of players.  Game devised by David Innes, of Melbourne’s Impro Box, and shared with WIT at the 2013 NZIF.

The starting point is what David calls a ‘non-room shaped room’, something other than the usual improv kitchen/lounge/bedroom, for example a barn, a glasshouse, an abandoned church, a swimming pool.

Each player in turn comes into the room and points out some specific feature: a frayed Afgan rug someone might trip on, a heavy mirror over the fireplace that could fall, a poisonous Cymbidium orchid.  They carefully walk around any already created, objects or features, everyone enters through a consistent door.  Each description ends with a slightly fearful look at the audience and a declaration of “and it could kill you”.  Once everyone has described something , one at a time each player re-enters this Room of Death.  They walk through it (respecting the space created), and get dramatically killed by a hazard they didn’t create.  Bodies can pile up, or clear themselves away.

Skills:  environment building, listening, dying horribly