Training notes – The Shatner!

ShatnerBased on a suggestion from the Internets that there should be a game where, when someone yells “Shatner” everyone wildly overacts.  This elaboration on that brilliantly simple idea evolved during the WIT workshop of Tuesday October 15th 2013, almost certainly a day that will live in infamy.

Start with an audience suggestion of a location.  As many people as wish to participate line up on the edge of the stage.

  • Person A starts on.
  • Person B enters, interacts with person A.
  • Person A finds a reason to leave.
  • Person C enters and interacts with person B, until person B finds a reason to leave.
  • Person D enters and so on . . .

The goal is to quickly establish characters, relationships and motivations.  And leave.
However, if the director (or anyone else inspired) yells:

  • Shatner – wild overacting happens
  • Spock – switch to dead pan robotic acting
  • Red Shirt – someone dies very quickly
  • Shatner Sings – one character starts singing in the style of someone who doesn’t sing well, basically talk-singing

There are many fine illustrations on YouTube of the difference between talking to a sandwich as if it were Yorrick vs responding to an imploding universe with a mild eyebrow raise – for example