Game – Newscast!

As introduced by Maggie at training on 29 October.

Five players.  The news story will be taken from an audience ask for – for example, a well known fairytale, reported while it’s in progress.

  • Start with the two news anchors, in the studio.  They open the scene with friendly banter, introducing themselves and the show.  Then there is some breaking news.   For example, given the audience suggestion of Little Red Riding Hood, the news might be “reports coming in that a Grandmother has been eaten by cross-dressing wolf”.
  • Cut to two players, the (named) reporter in the field and an eyewitness to the event.
  • Back to the Studio, who then go to the fifth player who is an expert in some very specific aspect of the story.
  • Cut back to the reporters in the field, who swap roles – and the one who was the eyewitness is now reporter, speaking to a new eye witness.
  • Back to the Studio, who close with a promise to bring “more startling updates as they come to hand”.

This is a cheerfully gaggy game, with the fun for the audience coming from recognition and unusual points of view on a familar tale.

NB: there is another game called Newscast, which is played as an endowment with three players.  An in-the-field reporter is sent out of the room while the audience choses a newsworthy event and a place: eg, an escaped elephant in Cuba Street or a fire at Buckingham Palace.  The reporter must guess from the studio anchors’ leading questions where they are and what is happening.