Development Grant (aka Scholarship Fund)

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The WIT Chris Werren Development Grant (Scholarship Fund)

In 2013 the Development Grant was shared between Jennifer O’Sullivan and Nicola Pauling, both of whom used it to help with attending Improvention in Canberra.   This follows on from a history of WIT supporting improvisers to go to Loose Moose (Simon, Christine, Geoff), BATS San Francisco (Wiremu), Impro Melbourne (Nat) and Improvention (Kate and Jen).

The Development Grant is funded by from WIT’s reserves, and exists to assist WIT members who wish to develop their skills through further training and bring back the benefits to WIT.      Some history here.

Decisions about the size and nature of the scholarship fund are made in line with WIT’s creative needs, long term goals, and to ensure sustainability. In the interests of providing consistency year to year, it was decided that WIT invite applications to a yearly Development Scholarship Fund, with the following parameters:

  • Up to $1500 per financial year available, which may be awarded all to one person or divided between multiple applicants

  • Criteria decided by Creative Directors, and dependent on WIT’s creative needs each year

  • Proposals will be considered by the Development Panel (Creative Co-Directors and Coordinator), with recommendations brought to committee who confirm final decision

  • Budgets and receipts would be required regarding expenditure

The creative criteria for the 2014 grant were:

  • High end performance skills

  • Developing technical skills to support productions

  • Developing WIT trainers

  • Demonstrates a return on investment for WIT

Applications are usually solicited in February each year, with decisions made at the time of the April committee meetings.  So, if it’s after April, the applications for this year have likely closed, but if you have plans for next year that fit with the Grant’s criteria, send your proposal to

Please contact the committee with any questions