Your Committee

The WIT Committee is selected from and elected by members at an Annual General Meeting, and sometimes adjusted at subsequent SGMs.   Serving WIT for 2014-2015 are

Coordinator: Hayley Webster, ask Hayley about any overall WIT-related concerns.
Creative Directors:  creative directors facilitate shows and coordinate training – if you’d like to do either, talk to
Phil Anderson   
Annika Naschitzki
Secretary: Dianne Pulhan, email –   the beating administrative heart of WIT, who pulls together the weekly newsletter.  So if you’re not getting this vital bit of WIT communication, if there’s something you need everyone to know, tell her.   She also runs the email address, which is WIT’s public contact point.
Treasurer: Mike Webster  pays the bills and keeps everything shipshape dollarwise, so we can do all the things we do
General Member: Steven Youngblood

Contacting a committee member is as easy as sending an email to their WIT email address, when the committee rolls over at the end of the WIT-year, the email addresses go to the new committee member.

Being on the Committee is a fun way to discover the madly paddling duck feet that lurk beneath the smooth surface of WIT, keeping everything moving in more or less in the same direction.  As well as a chance to learn new skills, it also looks very good on your CV to be part running a respectable registered charity (which we are).

Put your hand up at the next AGM . . . ask a current member about their role.