WIT Formats and Shows

WIT has two Keith Johnston licenced show formats that we perform regularly, Micetro which uses a knock-out games format and includes all levels of players,  and Gorilla, a more advanced format where players take turns directing each other in scenes.

The Improv Diva’s are an all-female WIT subgroup that comes together from time to time, most recently in 2012 when they created the format ‘Diva’s and the Beast’ which solved audience problems with improv.

No equivalent all-male Improv Divo’s has yet coalesced from within the WIT member soup, although if it did it would be welcomed too.

As well, WIT regularly puts on shows that we develop ourselves, and formats that members have discovered when travelling or that are bought to us by wonderful teachers and staged with permission.

WIT members also support community projects, and have used improv skills at fundraising events for causes such as Rape Crisis, Christchurch Earthquake relief, Oxfam, City Mission, Million Dollar Mouse and many more.

Events using WIT’s name and brand get run past the committee, who will approve the budget, explain the process for paying bills, finding a venue etc, etc. There is a specific role on the Committee, that of Co-Creative Director (Shows), to help, or just email the secretary (there’s a link in every week’s membership letter).

Some annual events, such as the Fringe and Comedy Festivals have a surprisingly long lead time, so talk about your ideas sooner rather than later.