Joining WIT

The classic member-joining process normally goes like this:

Do the introductory courses (level 1 and level 2), and come along to a couple of Tuesdays.  If this is the community improv troupe for you then apply to join, by filling in a form (ask the trainer for one, or print out the PDF at the bottom of this page). Then have it endorsed by two existing WIT members. Then give the form to a committee member to take to the committee (find a committee member by asking loudly on a Tuesday night “is anyone here from the committee”).

The committee then formally discuss each application.  These discussions may take place entirely by email, and typically go “are they good keen people”? “Yes they are”. “Then they shall join us”. There’s a joining fee of $30 to pay, WIT’s treasurer will ask you about it eventually. The requirement to do level 1 & 2 can be waived for people coming from improv-rich backgrounds, at the discretion of the committee.

As outlined in WIT’s constitution, you are formally a member when your name is entered in the register by the secretary.

People can come along on Tuesdays forever without joining, but they generally can’t play in WIT shows, and can not vote at the AGM or be on the committee.  Also, non-members sometimes have to pay a slightly higher rate for WIT courses or events.

Any questions?  Email

WIT Member Application Form