WIT and social media

WIT is all over the social medias, with Facebook pages for every event, a fan page, and also a members-only Facebook page.  If you have been through the WIT training courses you might also be part of a training group … Continue reading

WIT Creative Philosophy

The Creative Philosophy of WIT resides in the foundation of the teachings of Keith Johnstone, a world renowned teacher in the art of improvisation and its links to the theatre. His view is, and has always been, that in the … Continue reading

Your Committee

The WIT Committee is selected from and elected by members at an Annual General Meeting, and sometimes adjusted at subsequent SGMs.   Serving WIT for 2014-2015 are Coordinator: Hayley Webster, ask Hayley about any overall WIT-related concerns.      coordinator@wit.org.nz Creative … Continue reading


WIT’s goal is to provide improvisation training and opportunities for performance at every level, including beginner, regular troupe training, special workshops and opportunities to become a trainer yourself.  Beginners The starting point for WIT training is the supportive and fun … Continue reading